As your chosen ophthalmologist in Canton, The Fladen Eye Center encourages patients to always consider the many treatment options available. However, we also want patients to recognize that Lasik is a remarkable way to correct issues with the vision and that the benefits of Lasik are far more expansive than many realize. As your trusted eye doctor, we encourage you to consider the following benefits that can come from obtaining Lasik in Canton:

Improved night vision

In addition to correcting the issues with their vision, those who have received Lasik treatment also indicate that they have improved nighttime vision. They indicate that the absence of glasses, even those with special anti-glare treatments, has allowed their evening driving experiences to improve. Those who relied previously on contacts also indicate that their eyes are no longer suffering from dryness that left vision blurred in the evening.

Improved peripheral vision

One of the more distinct and commonly noted benefits of Lasik is that patients experience a sense of enhanced peripheral vision. This is due to the absence of glasses, that interfered with their line of sight. It is also brought about by the correction that allows side vision to improve and be used without turning the head.

Reduced symptoms of allergies

Many patients indicate that they do not experience the sinus pain and headache of allergies once treatment is done, and those who wore contacts say that their eyes are far less irritated.

Further lines of sight

Finally, another of the commonly noted benefits of Lasik is that those with issues like refractive problems, astigmatism and myopia say that they experience additional lines of sight with Lasik.

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Though it seems that eliminating the need for glasses or contacts is the most substantial benefit from Lasik treatment, there are other benefits to be enjoyed or gained. While not all of them will apply to each patient, it is important to consider which might actually be possible for you. Every patient is different and it takes time with your ophthalmologist to determine which benefits of Lasik will apply to you. Are you ready to learn more? If so, feel free to give us a call at our Canton, OH office at 330-489-1441.