We often hear people talking about getting a second opinion when it comes to their medical check up, especially when the news was not very good. But not very many people discuss seeking a second opinion after an eye exam. There are a few reasons why a person should consider just that, though.

Health is Complex

Just like any other part of the body, your eye health is a complex system, affected by dozens, if not hundreds, of other systems, illnesses, conditions, medications, and many other factors. While all eye doctors are trained to offer the best medical opinion they can, It is a simple fact that such a complex system may result in differing opinions among eye doctors. If you are experiencing symptoms that your eye doctor cannot explain, or you do not understand a negative diagnosis as well as you could, you may want to seek a second opinion from another eye doctor in Canton.

Children’s Visits

Another common reason for seeking a second opinion after an eye exam is if the exam was performed on a child, and it did not go well. Sometimes children can be easily frightened, or simply put off by the manner of a particular ophthalmologist. In Canton, OH, our office strives to give all patients of every age a comfortable experience. If your child did not cooperate during an eye exam due to fear or anxiety, you may wish to seek a second opinion with a doctor they are more comfortable with.

Serious Eye Issues

Any time that a doctor suggests a serious treatment, such as surgery or medications, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Treatments for problems with your vision can be critical in the early stages, so you want to be sure that you choose the right treatment the first time. A second opinion can confirm that your eye doctor has given you the best options for treatment. And if you find that the second opinion recommends a different treatment option, you may save your vision by being exposed to a treatment you did not know was available.

Learn More About Getting a Second Opinion

Any time you want to discuss a second opinion, feel free to come in to our Canton, OH office on Mercy Drive Northwest. You can also call us at (330) 489-1441, or get in touch any time through our website here. Our staff at Fladen Eye Center can help you find the right information, or help you make an appointment to meet with us in person.