At The Fladen Eye Center, we offer Lasik in Canton, OH and we wish to address the issue of some Lasik myths and facts that might actually prevent qualified patients from receiving this beneficial treatment. As a trusted ophthalmologist in Canton, we encourage patients tired of wearing glasses or contacts to get in touch but to also read these myths and facts in order to understand the many benefits they can gain from Lasik.

Myth #1: Lasik is extremely painful and uncomfortable.

Fact: This is one of the most troublesome of the Lasik myths and facts for ophthalmologists to hear because the simple fact is that patients feel no pain at all. This is true during treatment and afterward. Your eye doctor numbs your eye prior to surgery. Most patients say they feel nothing, and if they do experience a sensation, it is that of slight pressure. There is no pain. Afterward, some say their eye feels mildly irritated but this fades within hours of treatment.

Myth #2: People lose their vision or their vision worsens because of Lasik.

Fact: Again, this is a deeply disturbing statement common among Lasik myths and facts. The truth is that around 98% of patients say that if given the choice again, they would again choose Lasik. There is no real threat of the loss of vision, and if there is a chance that your sight will not reach the 20/20 level with treatment, our team will discuss why your vision may not be a good match to Lasik treatment.

Myth #3: Lasik does not correct much beyond farsightedness.

Fact: The use of Lasik for farsightedness is true, but the treatment corrects all “refractive” problems including astigmatism and nearsightedness.

Myth #4: Getting Lasik means you won’t ever need to use glasses or contacts again.

Fact: This is a very important issue to address. When we approve you for Lasik, it will be based on your eye conditions right now. However, vision changes with age and Lasik cannot proactively address any such issues. Instead, Lasik may correct your vision to a near perfect status now, but you may still find yourself needing glasses to drive at night or for reading as time passes.

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