Cataract Surgery, Causes, Diagnosis

The Fladen Eye and Cataract Center has performed over 25,000 cataract surgeries for patients. Cataract treatment has come a long way over the years and in most cases cataract surgery significantly improves vision even in the most severe cataract cases. For expert cataract treatment, contact Dr. Todd Fladen to find out more about cataract surgery in your area.

Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens and is the most common, treatable cause of vision loss. Experts estimate that most people age 65 or older have had cataracts or will develop them in their lifetime. Every year, over 3 million successful cataract surgeries are performed in the United States alone.  It is the most successful surgical procedure performed by any surgeon.

A cataract can occasionally cause discomfort, redness, pain, and irritation in the eye and may result in glare, halos, difficult reading or driving, and compromised depth perception. Contrary to common belief, cataracts are not caused by eye strain or reading in bad lighting, but rather by protein accumulation in the eye, injury, steroid use, exposure to UV light, smoking, diabetes, and the normal aging process.











At our practice, cataract cases are typically diagnosed during routine eye examinations by Dr. Fladen and using High Resolution OCT Imaging of the cataract, Fundus and optic nerve. In addition, other tests used to diagnose cataracts are visual acuity, pupil dilation, tonometry, night vision, glare sensitivity testing, and peripheral Visual Field Analysis. These can all help determine the extent of vision loss from a cataract.

Letter eye charts are sometimes used, but they do not necessarily accurately measure visual loss. If you feel you have been experiencing vision loss, contact our practice for cataract testing.

After a cataract is diagnosed at our practice, the patient may choose from multiple methods of treatment. In cases where cataract surgery is necessary, patients can rest assured that their improved vision and successful cataract surgery is in the highly capable and experienced hands of Dr. Todd Fladen of The Fladen Eye Center.


Phacoemulsification is the most commonly performed type of cataract surgery at our practice. A thin ultrasonic probe is used to permanently remove the cataract. The natural lens is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL), which allows the eye to retain its ability to focus. There are 4 basic types of intraocular lens (IOL) for patients with or without astigmatisms; nearsighted or farsighted vision. The goal is to achieve an excellent vision for distance, intermediate (computer distance), and near (book reading distance) without glasses.

If you are suffering from a possible cataract condition, our practice can help. To learn more about cataract surgery from our practice, please contact us today.