Glaucoma Surgery, Causes, Diagnosis

The Fladen Center and Dr. Fladen using highly sophisticated High Resolution Imaging with Visual Field Analysis. Glaucoma is usually treated only with drops.  Rarely, laser application or surgical application is applied. Glaucoma surgery or drug treatment, Dr. Todd Fladen has the experience and knowledge to correctly diagnose and treat the varied forms of glaucoma. If you suspect you may have glaucoma, or are one of many who live with glaucoma unknowingly, an eye exam and testing for glaucoma at our practice can reveal this condition and help you protect your vision.

Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease caused by damage to or excessive pressure on the optic nerve. When left untreated, glaucoma causes irreversible blindness. More than 5,000 individuals lose their sight each year.  Glaucoma affects more 3 million Americans each year; half of whom are unaware that they even have glaucoma. People at highest risk for glaucoma are those with a family history of glaucoma, individuals over the age 60, Afro-Americans over the age of 40, smokers, and individuals with diabetes.

There are three types of glaucoma, including primary open angle glaucoma, or POAG, which is the most common; closed angle glaucoma, which is very rare and requires emergency intervention; and low tension glaucoma, which causes optic nerve damage but does not cause eye pressure fluctuations.

Early stage glaucoma has very few, if any, warning signs. Few patients are aware that the level of pressure in their eyes is elevated or that their optic nerves have been damaged. Further, glaucoma usually attacks peripheral vision first; meaning that many people with 20/20 vision have glaucoma but don’t know it! This is why a routine eye exam conducted by a licensed ophthalmologist is crucial. Dr. Todd Fladen is experienced with glaucoma treatment, glaucoma surgery, and comprehensive testing. People experiencing vision problems should visit The Fladen Eye Center for a comprehensive glaucoma exam.

During such an exam, Dr. Fladen will measure intraocular pressure, check for optic nerve damage, administer a visual acuity test, perform High Resolution Imaging with Visual Field Analysis of the optic nerve and determine which, if any, segments of vision have been affected by glaucoma.

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