Multifocal IOL

restorcoupleUntil recently cataract patients received monofocal lens implants that had only a single power. This meant you had a choice of correction for either far or near vision. If you suffer from presbyopia like many people over the age 50 this would mean that you still need glasses for either reading or for distance vision. The FDA has now approved several multifocal lens implants for use by certified ophthalmologists. The multifocal IOL lens can increase your chances for a life free of dependence on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery for near, far, and intermediate vision. If you have worn glasses for a very long time this might be an opportunity for you to eliminate this hassle from your life.

The FDA clinical results showed that 84% of patients who received the ReSTOR® lens in both eyes achieved distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better and near visual acuity of 20/32 or better without correction by contacts or glasses while only 23 percent of the conventional or monofocal control group achieved this level. Other lenses include the Crystalens and the Technis® Symfony IOL. The Technis® Symfony IOL distribute light over five optical zones for enhanced restoration of visual function, providing distance, intermediate and near vision for reduced spectacle dependence. This allows the lens to match its performance characteristics with the lifestyle demands of the patient.

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